Cherry Cheesecake Martini

What do you do when you need to post a recipe, but you haven’t had sunlight for as long as you can remember? You make cocktails of course! Oh wait, is that just me?

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I knew that I wanted to create a fun cocktail to celebrate. So what better time to create said cocktail, than on a day that started with 8 inches of snow…..

Cherry Cheesecake Martinis for Valentine's Day |

I had to venture outside to clear a path for the dog to go out, his poor little legs aren’t long enough for him to make it through the snow, lol. Once I was done, I turned right back around and came back inside!  The snow is really pretty, it’s the wind that makes it way too cold outside for this California girl…..

Snow Backyard Feb 1 2015

Besides, I can be much more productive inside creating delicious cocktails… this Cherry Cheesecake Martini…..

Cherry Cheesecake Martinis Valentine's Day cocktail |

I got the idea from UV Vodka, but their version is made with cranberry juice and grenadine? That didn’t make any sense to me, so I went with 1 part UV Vanilla Vodka, 2 parts cherry juice, and a splash of maraschino cherry syrup…..

Cherry Cheesecake Martinis shaker

I used 4 shots of vodka and 8 shots of juice to make sure I could fill both martini glasses.

Shake it up and pour into a chilled martini glass {or two}…..

Cherry Cheesecake Martinis

and garnish with cherries. I used 3 maraschino cherries on cocktail sticks, but you could also use fresh or just drop them into the drink.

You may have noticed that my drink is REALLY dark! I used black cherry juice because that is all they sell at the grocery store, lol. A lighter cherry juice would look prettier, but this is mighty tasty just the way it is!!

So if your Valentine’s Day is snow covered and forces you to stay inside, this Cherry Cheesecake Martini will definitely make you forget what is happening outside…..

Snow Front February 1 2015

Especially if you share them with a special someone in front of a warm fire. 🙂

If cherry isn’t your thing, you might prefer this Chambord® Royale…..

Chamobord® Royale

or maybe KINKY® Bubbles…..


Cherry Cheesecake Martini

Serves 1
Prep time 5 minutes
Meal type Beverage
Make your Valentine's Day meal special with these Cherry Cheesecake Martinis.


  • 1 Part vanilla vodka (I used UV)
  • 2 Parts cherry juice
  • splash of maraschino cherry syrup
  • 3 cherries for garnish


Pour vodka, juice, and a splash of syrup into an ice filled cocktail shaker. shake to combine.
Pour drink into chilled martini glass and garnish with cherries

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