What is Antipasto Salad? Salami, pepperoni, roasted turkey, bell peppers, and rotini tossed in a light homemade Italian dressing for the perfect light lunch | cookingwithcurls.com

Antipasto Salad

Do you ever go somewhere, and it sparks old memories? Whether it’s the taste of food, the smells that you are surrounded with, or just the surroundings… something just seems to click and you find your mind wandering back to that previous experience. That happened to me last week while I was eating an Italian…

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Dragon Fruit Smoothie | cookingwithcurls.com

Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Some of you may have noticed that I disappeared last week, or not. Well I have a good excuse, I went to Blended Conference for bloggers!! I had a BLAST, and I am about to tell you all about it. If you don’t want to know about it, just scroll down to the recipe…but you…

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Apple Cider Doughnuts that are light and fluffy on the inside, and crispy delicious on the outside draped in glaze or cinnamon sugar | cookingwithcurls.com

Apple Cider Doughnuts

Fall officially begins in three days, can you believe that? I can picture the falling leaves, pretty knit sweaters, and steaming hot pumpkin spice lattes…everywhere but here in Arizona, lol. I may miss out on raking leaves, but I can still indulge my fantasies with a plate of hot, fresh Apple Cider Doughnuts. I mean…

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You wont need the oven to make these fun fudgy waffled brownies | cookingwithcurls-com

Waffled Brownies

Who doesn’t love fudgy, delicious brownies? Now, who hates waiting for them to bake? What if you could sink your teeth into Waffled Brownies in just a few minutes? Well pull out your Belgian waffle iron and get ready for a yummy treat. These Waffled Brownies are delicious with a a sprinkling of powdered sugar…..

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Chipotle Ranch Dressing | cookingwithcurls.com

Chipotle Ranch Dressing

No southwest salad is complete without a creamy and delicious Chipotle Ranch Dressing. It’s thick and creamy with just enough heat to get your attention! Or you can go completely crazy and make it scorching hot, the choice is yours. 😉 The amount of heat that you would like in your Chipotle Ranch Dressing will determine…

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