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Shredded Beef Chimichangas

Shredded Beef Chimichangas that are better than any Mexican restaurant |

Do you ever go out to dinner and think to yourself “my version tastes better”? That happened to me last week when my mom and I went out to dinner. This is Arizona, I was expecting authentic, mind blowing Mexican food….but that’s not what we got! I ordered the Shredded Beef Chimichangas, like I always do, and it’s hard to describe what arrived at the table…….. 

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These tropical Mai Tai Cocktails are fruity and pack a kick!

Mai Tai Cocktail

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am obsessed with crazy bar glasses! I came across these really cute Tiki Glasses and I just couldn’t resist ordering them. I had no idea what cocktail I would create, I just knew that I had to have them.  I sat here staring at them the other day,… 

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Classic Strawberry Shortcake with fresh whipped cream and juicy strawberries makes a delicious summer treat |

Classic Strawberry Shortcake

Welcome to the first edition of the Feast & Devour Cooking Club! My friend Julie over at Bread, Booze, Bacon got a bunch of food bloggers together, put up ingredients to vote on, then we go off and create a recipe using the most popular ingredient….which this month is Strawberries. I chose the quintessential, though not… 

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Peanut butter and chocolate come together to create the perfect soft Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies |

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mint and chocolate…red wine and chocolate…peanut butter and chocolate. Some combinations are a match made in heaven, like these Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies! They are soft, thick, and the perfect fix when those late afternoon cravings hit. I have been dreaming about creating some over-the-top cookies loaded with peanut butter and chocolate for a… 

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Fusilli al Pomodoro is the perfect, light summer meal made with tomatoes and basil straight from your garden |

Fusilli al Pomodoro

If you read food blogs, you obviously enjoy food, right? I love food, and I love trying new things that take me out of my comfort zone…like anchovies. What?? I know, that’s a strange one for me as well. I am in love with Giada De Laurentiis’ show Giada in Italy. I have only caught… 

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Southwest Salmon Bowl loaded with flavor and super simple to prepare |

Southwest Salmon Bowl

Is it just me or does it seem like every meal is being served in bowls these days? Smoothie bowls, breakfast bowls, and of course burrito bowls! I saw one the other day and decided to give this bowl thing a try. I mean how hard could it be, right? So I combined all of… 

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Naked 3-Layer Cake topped with roses and perfect for any special occasion |

Naked 3-Layer Cake

Have  you ever noticed how insanely busy May is? Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, my birthday…which should be a national holiday, graduations, Memorial Day, weddings, the list goes on and on! I decided to go a little crazy and bake a really cool Naked 3-Layer Cake in honor of all of those special occasions that… 

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These Frozen Tropical Margaritas are like sunshine and ocean breezes in a coconut rimmed glass |

Frozen Tropical Margaritas

I went to the grocery store the other day and bought frozen mangoes and pineapple. I even got some orange juice and bananas with plans to make a tropical smoothie. You know, something healthy for breakfast!  So I got the ingredients out of the freezer, pulled out the blender, started putting everything together…..and out came… 

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Fresh tomatoes and basil make this quick and delicious Chicken with Basil Cream on Angel Hair Pasta a perfect summer meal |

Chicken with Basil Cream on Angel Hair Pasta

Do you grow your own herbs? I just planted a small herb garden in a container on my back patio, and I can’t wait to see how it does in the ridiculous Arizona heat this summer! So far, the basil plant is doing quite while, so I decided it was time to to trim it… 

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