It’s my SITS Day!!!

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WooHoo!!! It’s my SITS Day!!!  I am soooo excited!!! But you could probably tell that by all of the !!! Are you confused? Have no idea what I am talking about? Well let me explain……SITS girls community is an an organization of 40,000 amazing women from around the world, that support one another and promote opportunities for further success and growing your blog!

I am so proud to be affiliated with such a wonderful organization 🙂  Blogging is not something you can do alone, you need support and a community to help you stay sane when your recipe fails, or your photographs are rejected once again by FoodGawker! Their motto is “The Secret to Success is Support” for a reason!

It’s my SITS Day!!!

So who am I?

My name is Lisa Johnson and I currently live in Eastern Iowa with my two children and a fluffy puppy! I am originally from California and had a very difficult time adjusting to life in a corn field. I turned to cooking as a way to cope, and meeting new friends through dinner parties. People are always asking for my recipes, or how they can recreate them at home. So last November I decided to start Cooking with Curls. To be honest, a year ago I didn’t even know what a blog was! Now I wouldn’t give it up for anything!

a woman with curly blonde hair sitting in a giant wood chair on a pumpkin patch.

Green Acres is the place for me. Farm living is the life….okay sorry, I couldn’t resist 🙂

Why would you want to follow me? Because I am fun, and a pretty good cook!

  • I am lactose intolerant and my son is allergic to dairy, so my recipes almost always have lactose-free/dairy-free options like Dairy-Free Creme Brulee, and Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing.
  • A series each month called Cooking with Astrology where I create an entire meal to serve for a special occasion/birthday celebration. So far we have meals for Cancer and Leo. Next up is Virgo…I can’t wait to choose the imaginary date that will inspire that meal!
  • I also love challenges! Every other month is the Spiked!Recipe Challenge which features a different alcohol that has to be incorporated into the recipe….always fun! My latest creation is Blonde Fatale {beer} Pop Tarts. Yes, you read that correctly, I used beer and pop tarts in the same sentence 🙂  See, I told you that I was fun!I also enjoy the monthly Sourdough Surprises Challenge where we are given a specific recipe to create using our sourdough starter. Last month I turned the sourdough cinnamon rolls theme into Baklava Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls.

Thank you SITS Girls for this wonderful opportunity, and a BIG thanks to all of you for joining me today to help me celebrate. I hope you will come back again soon and say HI!

Have a wonderful Day!

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  1. Hi Lisa! Happy SITS Day!!!!!

    Definitely subscribing to your blog…I am always looking for new recipes to try. Just last night I was trying to come up with my weekly menu and realized I was tired of cooking the same old stuff. You seem like fun…beer pop tarts? Awesome!

    Have a great day 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your SITS Day, Lisa!! 🙂 And also thank you for the Spiked! shout-out. 😉 It is much appreciated!

    Psssstttt… if you need some inspiration for your Cooking with Astrology series, I am a Virgo and my birthday just may happen to be September 1st. 😉 #justsaying

  3. Happy SITS Day! I hope it is an amazing one for you! If you are ever in need of any more dairy-free recipes (or any other allergy friendly recipes), feel free to stop by my recipe blog, Natural and Free (my recipes are free of 1 to all of the top 8 allergens). You might find something that interests you. 🙂 I will definitely be taking a look around your blog to see what you got recipe-wise. Might have to give something a try and maybe pass it on to my readers (giving you credit and/or a guest spot, of course). 🙂 We shall see!

  4. I am bookmarking your website, Lisa – I’m not a great cook but I would like to be – if the food tastes as good as your photos look, I’ll be on my way! Enjoy your SITS day!

  5. Ok I think I might be a little bit obsessed with your blog now. I love to cook and my 4 year old loves to help me, but my newborn usually has other plans for me around dinner time. I think I should have to come and live with you for a while so I can get properly fed again.

    Following you on blog lovin’ Happy SITS Day!

  6. Hi Lisa! Not my first time here but I had to stop in and show some SITS love! That picture of you in the big chair is hilarious! I love it! I also love the recipes you share on your blog and how you add a pinch of humor with every recipe 😉 I’ll be back! (And I wonder how many people caught the Green Acres TV show reference! LOL!)

  7. Wonderful Blog! I can tell I will be a frequent flyer 🙂 I am always looking for inspiration, as I also post a lot of recipes on my blog (among other things). Keep up the good work! And feel free to stop by my page and give a holler!

  8. Happy SITS Day – I wondered over from the SITS site!
    I love your blog, love the blond fatale pop tarts and dairy free creme brulee – I, too, am lactose intolerant!
    I also really am interested in your “social sunday” Great idea!!!

  9. BEER POP TARTS??!! I can tell that we will be friends.

    You have some really awesome recipes here. I can’t wait to read more–and try a few! Sadly, I haven’t quite mastered the art of baking (just ask my bf after last night’s failed banana muffins)… but I’m working on it 🙂 Happy SITS day to you! XOXO

  10. SITS sounds great! Anyway to get help growing a blog is necessary. I had no idea what I was getting into, I just thought it would be fun. It is, and I love the bloggers I’ve “met” and follow. I love your blog and your dishes, Lisa, and I consider you to be fun too! I thought I was the only one that got frustrated with Foodgawker denying my photos! Lol

  11. Happy SITS Day. I am going thru your blog and…(wiping my mouth) I’m getting quite hungry ’cause everything looks delish. Thanks!

  12. Love your Blog…looks like fun. Can’t wait to try recipes and see if I can figure out about what link parties are and how they work! Still very new to blogging…:) Happy SITS day!

  13. Lisa
    Happy SITS Day! I see you often on FB and at Linky Parties. It’s so fun to visit and get to know you a little bit better today.
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  14. Happy SITS Day, Lisa! That dairy-free creme brulee looks delicious! Following you on FB, Twitter, G+, & Bloglovin!

  15. I hope you’ve been having a wonderful SITS Day and enjoying your comment love. You have so many fun and creative recipes on here, I think they’d be so fun to try for a party or get-together.

  16. Looking at all of these pictures of food and the recipes are making me hungry. Everything on your page looks delicious! Congrats. On your SITS day!

  17. WOW. Well done. This is my first Sits Girl review. What a great idea. It is wonderful to see all the support. My hubs is the culinary expert in our house. I am excited to turn him on to the Beer Pop tarts. Thanks for your efforts.

  18. Lisa, this is one great post and congratulations on your SITS day! I am totally in love with that photo of you in the chair – it should be our party button, but with a pompom! 😉 Loved reading this and enjoy your day, girlfriend! xoxo

  19. I hope that you had a wonderful SITS Day Lisa. Congratulations! I have been fasting and do not dare poke around your site at this time…not with my poor willpower.

  20. I so enjoyed reading this, Lisa! You ARE fun and so talented ;). I haven’t heard of SITS, but you’ve convinced me to join! Anybody can join? What kind of puppy do you have? Love the description..fluffy hehe. I have a miniature schnauzer..while he’s not fluffy we sure adore his beard ;). I had a hard time adjusting when I first moved to the city I live in now..I was lonely and faced severe depression – got down to 85 pounds! Yup..those were the dark days. Cooking and healthy eating really changed my life and now I’m a soon to be Registered Dietitian! I love blogging and it’s so true…I def can’t do this alone. I’m so glad we’ve connected, Lisa! I truly am. I look forward to following your adventures

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