Arlo and the 28 Day Purina Challenge

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Welcome to a fun post all about my best friend Arlo and the 28 Day Purina Challenge that he has just completed. Arlo is a…well I don’t exactly know what he is. He has a Poodle nose, and Lhaso Apso coloring, but he is stocky and built like a Bulldog…..

Arlo Yum! #28dayPurina #PurinaPup

Technically Arlo belongs to my daughter Cassi, and yes, she is the one that named him. All she wanted for her 16th birthday was a YorkiePoo…..OOPS! She wanted a teeny, tiny 10 pound dog that she could carry around in her purse. Well {thank God} we ended up with a 35 pound who knows what, and I wouldn’t trade him for any other dog on the planet!!

Cassi and Arlo |

Cassi is now 20 years old, spent a year traveling around Europe, and is currently attending college in Florida. That means that Arlo is all mine, and he is spoiled rotten!

He is very stubborn and demanding, kind of like a 3 year old. He whines, he huffs, he pants, he runs back and forth to get your attention until you finally cannot stand it any longer and you give in. Yes, I am the first to admit that he has me wrapped around his little paw. How can anyone say no to this adorable face?

Arlo and his blanket |

He is also a sweetheart with the goofiest personality. He rocks back an forth to gain momentum before he runs up the stairs. He wraps himself up in towels, like he did in the image above. That towel and the fuzzy brown dog bed, no longer exist. He ate them. He shreds everything!! No dog toy is strong enough to last more than 10 minutes! First the nose, then the ears, then he has to remove the squeaky…..

Arlo's New Toy |

So when Purina was looking for blogger’s puppies to take the 28 Day Purina Challenge, I jumped at the chance! Arlo is far from beach body ready, he has love handles. That is the vet’s description not mine. So I headed out to PetsMart with my PetPerks card to buy a bag of Healthy Weight Formula for my little buddy…..

Purina One SmartBlend | | #28dayPurina #PurinaPup

As you can see, he was pretty excited when I got home. I had been feeding him a special formula food that was recommended by my veterinarian, but it is too high in fat for a lapdog. 😉  It was time for a change. I want my little fluff monster to be around for as long as possible, and I still want to be able to make him fun treats like Smoothie Pupsicles without worrying about him gaining too much weight…..

Smoothie Pupsicles towel

That is what’s left of the green smoothie pupsicle, lol. In the past year, my husband walked out, we lost our beloved dog Oreo, my daughter moved to Florida, and my son bought a house. Through it all, I had Arlo by my side keeping me company and making me smile.

He never complains about what I watch on TV, and he is more than willing to test my food for quality control purposes. He is my protector, and barks to warn me of impending danger from cats or bunnies in the back yard. He also makes an awesome foot warmer in winter, and foot protector when the UPS guy shows up. 😉

Arlo loves his new food, and I bet your favorite pooch will too!

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  1. Lisa, I LOVE, LOVE this post! You have made me want to go out and snag another malti-pooey kind of puppy dog… like my late Spoofers (Spoofs, for short). I am in love with Arlo! So funny how he was supposed to be a teeny dog! (Great review, by the way!)

  2. What a faithful friend Lisa! So glad he has been there through the ups and downs and glad he is enjoying his new food! We had to give our sweet dog some “weight control” food once too…it helped a lot! I will keep Purina One in mind if (who I am kidding…when!) we need to do it again. 🙂

  3. You little quality control assistant is adorable!!! That face! My little Jack Russel is my taste tester. I’m guessing she’d be quite happy with some of this Purina One!

  4. Lisa, I am so glad to know about Purina’s Healthy Weight Formula. I have a little butterball of my own, and like you said, I want him to be healthy and stick around for a long time. The Purina 28 Day Challenge is exactly what I need for my li’l Dusty! i\I’m going over to get that coupon NOW! 😀

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