30 Instant Pot Recipes

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About this time 2 years ago I created my 20 Instant Pot Recipes to Beat the Heat roundup. It was 107 degrees outside and I did not want to turn on any appliances again until November!! Here we are in July and it is 113 degrees, and I am again looking for ways to not turn on the stove with this brand new 30 Instant Pot Recipes post!

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A collage for 30 Instant Pot Recipes that features 10 different food images

This collection of over 30 Instant Pot Recipes will help you get your meals on the table faster! Busy weeknights, just too dang hot to cook, or so you can get a little help in the kitchen!


Main Course

Side Dishes



Instant Pot 101

  • For anyone that is new to pressure cooking 
  • For anyone that is looking for an Instant Pot. I have this 6 quart model, well actually I have two. One for the main course and one for a side dish or dessert! 😉
  • And as promised, the original 20 Instant Pot Recipes to Beat the Heat!
  • Ooops, I guess I should have named this post 40+ Instant Pot Recipes!! I was not originally planning to include the soup recipes, but then remembered that is is actually winter in some parts of the world right now. 😉


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