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Whole 30 Meal Plan Week 2

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WooHoo, you made it!! Give yourself a pat on the back, you just survived your first week and we’re ready for Whole 30 Meal Plan Week 2. As I said last week, this collection of recipes is delicious enough to keep your friends and family happy without having to tell them that they are healthy. We’ll just keep that our little secret.

Check out The Ultimate List of Whole30 Recipes for more healthy and delicious recipes.

Collage with 9 images including breakfast salad, pot roast, salsa verde chicken, roast chicken thighs, butternut squash soup, Asian salad, cod on spinach, pork tenderloin on sweet potato, and sausage patty with eggs and sweet potato hash.

I have once again pulled together some of my favorite recipes to help us all stay motivated in Week 2, but you can deviate wherever you need or want to. Four of the recipes use a pressure cooker, if you do not have one you could try to recreate them in a slow cooker, on the stove top, or just find something else from the Whole 30 archives at the bottom of the page.

So how did Week 1 go? Did you survive the killer migraine, aka Keto Flu? You body is trying to sabotage you, it wants sugar and carbs…but don’t give in, we got this! 😉 This week should not be as drastic, the hardest part is over!!


You can click on the shopping list button and print out a list of everything needed to make the meals listed, or you can save them to your collections. You can also click on the recipe name and the full recipe with a Print button will pop-up, you don’t even have to leave this page!

This recipe plan is designed for two people, meaning each recipe will give you leftovers for 2 or 3 lunches or dinners when you do not feel like cooking. The Whole 30 Breakfast Burrito is written for one serving, so you will need to adjust for that if needed.


The perfect breakfast meal - Chicken Apple Sausage, Scrambled Eggs and Roasted Sweet Potatoes! cookingwithcurls.com

I have included the Whole 30 Breakfast Burrito again because it is so easy to prepare. Scrambled eggs are also a great breakfast when looking for something super easy, and they go perfectly with the Chicken Apple Sausage and Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes! The Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes make a big batch that can be reheated throughout the week.

Whole 30 Breakfast Salad is just a Poached Egg over a couple of handfuls of spring mix with tomatoes and avocado slices topped with Garlic and Lemon Infused Olive Oil. It is also great with a fried egg if you do not have a pressure cooker.

The Instant Pot Mexican Breakfast Casserole is back because it is great as leftovers. It could be baked in the oven if needed, and the Sweet Potato Hash is made in a skillet on the stove.

Leftovers also work great for breakfast, it doesn’t have to be a “traditional” breakfast type meal.


These Chicken Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes are insanely delicious, easy to make with an Instant Pot and Whole30 and Paleo compliant!! cookingwithcurls.com

I will be posting the recipe for these Taco Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes tomorrow, but you can fill the Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes with Easy Beef Chili, or even the Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find a way to list “Leftovers” in the Lunch section. Most of the Dinner recipes are large enough to give you a few days of leftovers.

The Kale Broccoli Detox Salad is listed as an example of a salad that you can eat as is, or top with leftover Salsa Verde Chicken, Taco Chicken, or Pot Roast. The Whole 30 Ranch Dressing and Garlic and Lemon Infused Olive Oil are great to have on hand so you can throw a salad together at anytime. Type dressing into the Search bar and more options will pop up, most of which are Whole3o or can easily be adapted.


Simple Cod with Sauteed Spinach is the perfect, healthy Dinner for Two | COPYRIGHT © 2017 COOKING WITH CURLS

This Simple Cod with Sauteed Spinach is a quick and easy dinner to prepare on busy nights, it only takes about 25 minutes.

I have included three chicken main courses, as well as one fish, one pork, one beef and one vegan soup recipe to mix things up!

These are just some suggestions to help you plan for the week ahead. The quickest way to cheating, is by not have food ready when you are hungry!!

Word of warning….I am not exclusively a Whole 30/Paleo blogger, so some of those recipes will be shown with buns/tortillas/rice. There are substitutions listed in the individual recipes and I have included some of them in the Condiments and Sides section as well.


I have created a Whole 30 Game Plan to get healthy in the new year | cookingwithcurls.com

All of my Whole 30 Recipes (61 so far) can be found in these two posts…Whole 30 Game Plan and Whole 30 Game Plan 2.0. Any recipe created after last week’s Whole 30 Meal Plan Week 1 post can be found by clicking on the Whole 30 Category button at the top of the page. The recipes are listed from newest to oldest.

The Whole 30 Game Plan includes explanations of the program as well as tools that I used. It also includes a lot of the basic recipes like Blender Mayonnaise and IP Hard Boiled Eggs.

The Whole 30 Game Plan 2.0 post includes what I learned last time and what I plan to do differently this time around.

Good luck this week and I will be back next week with another Meal Plan for Week 3!!

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