Paleo Cauliflower Rice & comfort zone

It’s time for a new adventure!  It’s time to leave our comfort zone and try something new.  Do you like cauliflower?  I do not particularly enjoy eating cauliflower.  So when I saw Cauliflower Fried Rice on pinterest I was intrigued, but skeptical!Paleo Cauliflower Rice

Yes, I do realize that this is regular rice and not fried rice… steps!

I purchased the cauliflower, brought it home, and then chickened out!  You can stop clucking now! 😉  I just could not wrap my head around the concept of cauliflower tasting like rice.  Okay, I couldn’t figure out how cauliflower could possibly taste like anything other than cauliflower!!  Well I was wrong. 🙂

Paleo Cauliflower Rice balls

I tossed my chunks of cauliflower into the food processor and…..I put too much in!  Do you see how full that bowl is?  DO NOT DO THAT!  I think I had an extra-large head of cauliflower.  Next time I will process half of the head of cauliflower at a time.  If you have the bowl too full, you end up with tiny bits of cauliflower instead of RICE sized grains…..

Paleo Cauliflower Rice pan

Not all of it was over processed, just the bottom fourth of the bowl.  I had made it this far, so I wasn’t about to turn back now. 😉  It is really as simple as putting your cauliflower “rice” in the pan with the olive oil, salt and pepper.  Cover with a  lid…..

Paleo Cauliflower Rice lid

and heat over medium heat until thoroughly heated!  It is seriously that easy, and best of all… didn’t taste like cauliflower at all!  How is that even possible? 🙂  I served my Paleo Cauliflower Rice with a chicken stir fry and I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t traditional rice…..

Paleo Cauliflower Rice by

SCORE!!  Remember, I am trying to add more vegetables to my diet.  What could be an easier way to add vegetables, than to serve them in place of a traditionally starchy side dish!

Will you be able to fool your kids?  Umm, that I cannot guarantee.  The texture is definitely different than rice, but it might be worth a try.  I would probably try it with one of their favorite dishes…or buried underneath their favorite dish. 😉

Now I am ready to give that Paleo Fried Rice a try.

{Update} I did finally try Paleo Shrimp Fried Rice, and I loved it!!

Paleo Shrimp Fried Rice |


Paleo Cauliflower Rice

Serves 4 - 6
Prep time 10 minutes
Cook time 5 minutes
Total time 15 minutes
Meal type Side Dish
Healthy, Paleo Cauliflower Rice adds vegetables to your diet and works perfectly with stir-fries.


  • 1 Large head cauliflower (cut into golf ball sized chunks)
  • 2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt & fresh ground pepper


Place chunks of cauliflower into the bowl of a food processor, and pulse. Do not over fill, you want even, "rice" sized chunks not a puree.
Place cauliflower rice in a medium saucepan with olive oil, salt and pepper.
Cover and cook over medium heat until heated throughout, about 3 - 5 minutes.
Remove lid, fluff with a fork, and serve.

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  1. says

    Ok, I have to be honest and say that I do not love cauliflower either, but seriously, you make this look and sound so delicious I know I’m going to have to give this a try. You know who loves cauliflower and he’ll be shocked to see me eating it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this recipe – pinned and buffered! Happy Wednesday!

  2. says

    Who are the clever people that come up with this stuff? What an interesting recipe. And Yay for you for stepping outside that comfort zone. My only issue with this is that I love cauliflower and am a tad disappointed that this ends up not tasting like it. With that said, I’d love to give it try.

  3. says

    I love cauliflower, and had heard about cauliflower couscous. I guess it’s the same concept. I will admit that I didn’t think this would appeal to me, until you explained what it is, and I pinned it immediately! I think it is worth giving it a try!

  4. says

    I love this creative way of using cauliflower! I actually saw this method on the children’s channel Nick Jr as a little commercial. (Yes, they are doing little recipes for the kiddos now days!)
    We are huge rice lovers, so I know my family will love this! Thank you for sharing with all of us at the SSS party, Lisa! Sharing on FB today. (=
    Gloria // Simply Gloria recently posted…Show Stopper Saturday Link Party, Featuring Healthy RecipesMy Profile

  5. says

    Shut. The. Front. Door. I’ve never heard of this! I love rice (mostly Basmati) but am also trying to replace carbs with more veggies. What a great alternative! I’d run out and buy a head right now but it’s to dang cold and windy!!!

    Andi recently posted…the benefits of being an a$$holeMy Profile

    • says

      I don’t blame you for not going out, it is awful outside!! I haven’t left the house in days…I refuse! This rice is the perfect way to cut carbs and sneak in more veggies. 🙂 I am going to try a stir-fry version this weekend, I’ll let you know how it goes!

  6. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes says

    I love this idea …. now to see if I can get it past my family 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Freedom Fridays – pinned and shared on FB! {hugs!}

  7. Nicci says

    Is there anyway to make it without a food processor?? I would love to try this…but unfortunately do not own a food processor.

  8. K Montero says

    My son is a picky eater, he’s autistic so he fixated on what he eats. He will only eat rice and beans. . . Until I found out about cauliflower rice. Yes it does not taste the same but I started mixing real rice with cauliflower rice to camouflage, guess who added an awesome vegetable to his diet!!?? Thanks for the recipe!


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