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Harry Potter Party Ideas

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Bring the magic of Hogwarts to your own home with these fun and easy Harry Potter Party Ideas for adults. Every party need delicious party foods including; cocktails, appetizers, main course, sides, and of course sweet treats!

Harry Potter Party Ideas for Adults collage with eleven images.

You can’t have a party without food, so that was where I started. I had grand plans to cover the tables in food, just like in the movies. Silver platters and bowls filled with turkey, ham, potatoes, corn, and peas. Then gobs and gobs of delicious ice creams, caramel apples, and rich gooey desserts. Then I realized that, 1) I don’t actually have any magical powers. 2) I was on vacation up until the week before the party. 3) I don’t have Food Network’s budget!

I have continued to add more Harry Potter recipes because I am a bit obsessed and they are so much fun!

Harry Potter Cocktails

I scaled things back to the basics. Starting with some fun cocktails. Remember, this was an adult party.

A glass beer mug filled with a caramel colored cocktail topped with whipped cream.

Butter Beer Cocktail

a big, glass punch bowl filled with bubbly and foamy polyjuice potion with two glasses filled with potion in the left corner and a stack of harry potter books in the right hand corner.

Polyjuice Potion

Pink punch in a glass cup in front of a pitcher of witches brew punch.

Witches Brew

Red cocktail in a square cut glass sitting on brown paper in front of Harry Potter books.

Sorcerer’s Stone Cocktail

Swirling, shimmering blue drink in a coupe cocktail glass sitting on a silver tray with a spider on the base.

Dumbledore’s Pensieve Cocktail

The Dark Mark Martini Cocktail recipe.

The Dark Mark Martini

A skeleton shaped decanter filled with spicy jalapeno margarita recipe in front of a stack of Harry Potter books with a filled shot glass in front.

Skele-Gro Potion (Spicy Jalapeno Margarita)

Teal blue Goblet of Fire cocktail recipe in a goblet glass with flames in front of a stack of Harry Potter books.

Goblet of Fire Cocktail


We need some appetizers, even though they were never mentioned in the books or movies. I’m just a rebel like that!

Spinach dip in a bread bowl surrounded by torn bread pieces.

Spinach {Gillyweed} Dip

Puff pastry sausage rolls piled up in a paper lined basket with dipping sauce on the left side.

Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls – there is nothing more British than sausage rolls!

Main Course & Sides

Classic Roast Chicken with roast potatoes on an oval serving platter.

Classic Roast Chicken

Crispy roast potatoes in a serving bowl.

Crispy Roast Potatoes

If Crispy Roast Potatoes are not your thing, maybe you would prefer these other potatoes that were also mentioned.

Homemade French Fries wrapped in parchment paper inside a wire cone holder.

Homemade French Fries

A bowl of Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes topped with melted butter and chopped parsley.

Mashed Potatoes

Medium-rare roast beef sliced on a dark wood cutting board with a bowl of gravy in the background.

Roast Beef with Gravy

close-up of a whole roasted turkey sitting on a bed of greens with whole apples around the bottom.

Herb Roasted Turkey & Turkey Gravy

A sliced, teriyaki glazed ham in a ceramic baking dish.

Teriyaki Glazed Ham

I also served Pepperoni Pizza Muffins, which were absolutely not in the books…or movies…or apparently the wizarding world! We love them, so they needed to be here.

Three Pepperoni Pizza Muffins on a serving board with a bowl of pizza sauce in the background.

Harry Potter Sweets

The desserts are pretty prominent in the books and movies. I still need to create pumpkin pasties and a treacle tart at some point in the future, but for now were have…..

Harry Potter Party Food - Sweets Shop in canisters on a table.

Lisa’s Magical Treats Shop complete with creepy hand.

The Chocolate Cockroaches, are chocolate covered almonds. My quick solution for cockroach clusters. The licorice “wands” are caramel apple, and Hershey’s chocolate licorice. I had no idea that either of types of licorice existed.

The Pop Rocks were originally going to be a component to Acid Pops, but they were a complete fail!! You dip tootsie pops into honey and then roll them in pop rocks. I ended up with a gooey, sticky mess instead.

Chocolate covered mini bundt cakes with green frosting and green decorative balls on a silver platter.

Cauldron Cakes {Homemade Ding Dongs}

Green Troll Boogers popcorn in a plastic black cauldron.

Troll Boogers/Bogeys  {Slime Green Candied Popcorn}

Halloween decorated Caramel Apples on a silver tray.

Gourmet Caramel Apples

Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs on a silver tray.

Chocolate Frogs {filled with caramel and pecans not magic, sorry}

Harry Potter Chocolate Caramel Pretzels wands on a silver tray.

Chocolate Caramel Pretzels {Wands}

Now it’s time to set the mood

Two Tables decorated for a Harry Potter party with candles, glasses, and plates.

For the Great Hall, I improvised. I do not have 4 tables, so I used the 2 that I do have. Wood benches would be nice in the future, we’ll see if that happens or not!

Since I only have 8 foot ceilings, I chose not to hang “floating” candles. Instead, I decided to place taper candles into clear bottles in varying heights.

Lit Candles in glass bottles on a fireplace mantle.

I thought they would look really cool with melted wax dripping down the sides. And it would have, if I had not purchased drip less candles…oops! These candles were originally going to be on the table, but they are too tall and over powering. The pillar candles on chargers worked much better.

Harry Potter Party Pillar Candles on a gold tray.

I think I may have bought out all of the gold and silver chargers at Michael’s. Silver chargers with gold paper plates were used for the food. This was following the scenes in movies, rather than the books which stated silver everything. I like the contrast. Could not find silver goblets, crazy right? So I used my regular wine glasses, mini plastic mugs {shown with the Polyjuice Potion and Witches Brew}, and real glass mugs for the Butter Beer.

Have you ever noticed that they do not use napkins at Hogwarts? Well I haven’t seen any, so I went with plain black, which blended right into the black table cloth, lol.

Two women dressed up as Professor Trelawny and Professor Umbridge.

Phone photos! We had a blast, and Gryffindor was well represented…..

One woman wearing a Gryffindors costume and another woman wearing a black cape standing up at a party.

As were the muggles…..

A man with a beard holding a plate of food.

No Shave November apparently turned into No Shave Ever Again, lol

Harry Potter Party Varuka and Kristin.

In case of emergency, we needed to have a quick escape…..

Harry Potter Party Ministry of Magic toilet sticker.

You just never know what will happen!

Supplies used to create this party

You can see the rest of my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets here in my Amazon Affiliate Page. I earn a small commission when you purchase through my links, at no cost to you, so I can keep bringing you more delicious recipes!

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