Mexican Food Recipes

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Show of hands, who loves Mexican Food? I obviously do because there are over 60 Mexican Food Recipes so far here on Cooking with Curls! Whether you are looking to shake up Taco Tuesdays, planning a big Cinco de Mayo party, or just hate the long waits in your local Mexican restaurant, I have you covered…..

a collage featuring nine images of mexican food recipes

From cocktails to dessert, I’m sure you will many delicious recipes to choose from. Better yet, make them all…just not all on the same day, that would insane!!

Some of these Mexican Food Recipes are authentic, some inspired by the flavors of Mexico, but all of them are delicious!


Collage featuring five Mexican Food Recipes appetizers


Collage with 5 Mexican Food Recipes cocktail images

Main Dishes

Collage featuring five Mexican food recipes main dishes

Taco & Burrito Filling

Sides & Extras

Collage featuring five Mexican food recipes sides and extras




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